Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, its been over two weeks since my wrist was broken. Now I can't work, I want too but my work won't let me because of insurance reasons. I don't even know what to do with all this free time I suddenly have. Its not like I don't want to do anything, its a fact that I can't. I mean if you think about it takes both hands to do pretty much everything. I've been reading a lot, trying to check out places I normally would not have time for. I would love to spend this free time drawing more, but I am right handed. I find myself waking up later and later everyday, its going to be hard to get back into the rhythm again. It gets pretty boring staying in bed for more than what your brain is used too. Right now I'm watching He Was a Quiet Man, its a strange movie and in a way its ironic and funny. I don't know if its suppose to be funny or not, but I found myself laughing at some of the scene. Hmmm the movie is not finish yet I can't wait to see the ending. Oh well, tomorrow the most exciting thing for me is checking out the MfA. Looking forward to the day I get my "other" hand back. In the mean time I feel like I am a bum. I can't help it but feel sorry for myself, it goes with out saying time and time again. You take things, or someone for granted until you lose it. Boy it is true in my case, it sucks that you don't see it until it happens.

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